The ultimate guide to choosing a touch-free hand sanitising machine

Whether you are a regular user of a hand sanitising machine or are looking to buy one, how much do you know about them?

The best hand sanitising machines are the touch-free versions. If you think about it, this makes so much sense. 

For example, if you use a hand-operated model, how many people may have used it before you? What if those people didn’t wash their hands correctly so that the operator button or lever becomes a haven for germs?

By touching the machine to use it, you will automatically be adding many more germs to your hands. Indeed, experts have compared this to putting your hands down a toilet!

So why would you want to risk this, particularly given the current pandemic?

How do hand sanitising machines work?

Hand hygiene has become big news.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is washing their hands correctly, nor do people understand the difference between the various hand sanitisers available. In the UK, obtaining the right type of machine and hand sanitiser gel can be confusing.

With this in mind, we decided to give an overview of both touch-free hand sanitisers and the gels used in them.

The hand-cleansing troubles begin when you analyse Covid-19. It is an ‘enveloped’ virus i.e. coated in a fatty layer.

Cold water or just hot water alone will not remove it. The only thing that dissolves this fatty layer is soap (or hand sanitiser).

It causes the virus to disintegrate, rendering it ineffective. It can no longer ‘stick’ to our cells.

When you use a touch-free sanitiser machine filled with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel, it breaks down the fat around the virus, just like soap.

Nevertheless, the alcohol content does need to be high – 60% alcohol content or more. Dr Primrose Freestone, an associate professor in clinical microbiology with Leicester University explained why this is the case; this is the level required to make the virus inactive.

Commercial gels vary between 70 – 80%. Hand gels that you buy over the counter vary, but brands like Carex contain 70% alcohol and Cuticura 66%. Dettol is 63%. Touch Free Sanitisers’ own brand hand gel contains 70%.

If you use soap to clean your hands, it doesn’t have to be anti-bacterial. All soaps are ‘anti-bacterial’ in that they remove the bacteria and viruses by dissolving their fatty protective layer.

But if you are using liquid soap, via a dispenser or bottle, the same arguments apply. As soon as you press down on the nozzle of a liquid soap dispenser, you are exposing yourself to a germ-filled area.

This is particularly relevant where hand soap dispensers are used in commercial settings, where they may be used by 100s of people. 

Much safer to replace your soap dispenser with a touch-free sanitiser machine.

Choosing a high-quality touch-free hand sanitising machine

As far as safety is concerned, always buy your touch-free hand sanitiser machines and gels from a reputable source.

There are many on eBay and Amazon that are not only over-priced but also suspect when it comes to quality and safety. Many of them have not been tested per the necessary UK safety standards.

Look around and you will find many touch-free hand sanitising machines that are poorly made, unreliable and not sturdy enough to stand up to constant use.

The touch-free sanitisers available from remove the problem of having to use a manual dispenser system that causes cross-contamination.

At the same time, manual hand sanitiser bottles can be broken and knocked over, meaning that people who are supposed to be cleaning their hands may miss out.

These touch-free hand sanitisers are free standing so they can be moved around.

As workers or visitors re-locate, so does the machine. They can be used thousands of times in any type of commercial setting and still provide a 100% quality service.

Having found many plastic machines to be flimsy and shoddy looking, these machines are made from fully recyclable steel, unlike plastic. 

Assembly of the models shown is also minimal. Forget fighting with boxes, wrappings and missing screws and fixtures.

Robust and hardwearing, the assembly of the Touch Free Sanitisers is simple. The Seiso models come with just a few screws to insert.

The Swan is fully assembled upon arrival. All have heavy solid bases and can be used indoors or out.

Best touch-free hand sanitiser machines

Hand sanitisers only work well if you use the gel correctly. Hand sanitiser machines dispense precisely the optimal amount of gel each time, with just a light touch of the foot pedal.

If you are buying a touch-free hand sanitiser machine and gel, then there are some fantastic products from which to choose. The ones below come as a bundle with the hand sanitiser gel included:

When you purchase the Seiso X, it comes with a discounted container of 80% 5-litre alcohol rinse.

Delivery is free and this means a hefty saving of over 20%. You will receive a robust, all-metal machine that is free-standing. This equipment has been built to last.

Perfect if you have a high through-flow of users such as in offices, factories or large stores.

The 80% alcohol rinse is known to kill 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses, including Covid-19.

Buy the Seiso touch-free dispenser and receive a free 1-litre container of 70% alcohol gel.

Delivery is included and the sturdy metal machine will keep working, even when subject to high usage.

With a 1-litre capacity, this is more suited to medium traffic areas such as cafes or smaller offices. Made in the UK, this gel is known to kill 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses, including the Coronavirus.

You can also buy the hand sanitisers and machines separately at

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Why waste time and money looking at inferior touch-free hand sanitising machines when this range has it all? Provide employees and visitors to your establishment with a safe and hygienic way of ensuring that their hands are clean, no matter the environment.

If you would like to find out more about the range of Touch Free Sanitisers, then get in touch with us today.

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