The best touch-free hand sanitiser machines

Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the focus has moved towards the best way of keeping hands clean. The washing of hands or the use of hand sanitiser stations has become big news in the media.

Failure to keep hands hygienically clean is one of the biggest ways of spreading infection via the virus.

Why touch-free?

However, whether you are washing your hands, using the correct method, with soap and hot water, or using touch-free hand sanitiser machines, it’s essential to use the right equipment.

As far as hand sanitisers are concerned, the best versions are touch-free. Hand-sanitisers that require touch to operate the dispenser are not recommended, as you have to physically press the pump with your hands, potentially resulting in hands laden with bacteria.

But how does this cross-contamination occur? After all, you will clean your hands after touching the pump. But what about those users that don’t clean their hands correctly?

This is where hands-free dispensers win out. They provide very high levels of hygiene, simply because the user’s hands do not need to come into contact with the unit.

If you have 100s of people using the machine over the course of a day, imagine the damage that a hand operated dispenser could do.

Once infection occurs, staff have to isolate with many of them potentially becoming ill.

No business can afford to put the health of their employees at risk. Simultaneously, businesses may find themselves having to close or struggle to work with reduced staffing. Neither are good scenarios.

Touch-free hand sanitiser machines can be placed in a range of locations, providing hand-washing or sanitising facilities where needed.

By using the touch-free version and having dispensers placed across a multitude of spaces, fighting the Coronavirus becomes much easier.

Choosing a suitable hand sanitiser

As for which hands-free hand sanitiser you choose, this will depend upon your requirements, such as how many people will use it and the capacity of the tank.

We’ve looked at some of the best touch-free hand sanitiser machines available now, including a range of different sizes.

Having to constantly refill your machine simply because you have purchased a size too small is going to be tedious and time-consuming, so be sure to choose the right model.

The hand sanitisers on this list are easy to refill. No messy handling of liquids, simply remove the empty container and replace with a new one.

The larger units are more cost-effective as you can buy sanitisers in bulk. We have also purposefully gone for environmentally friendly recyclable options of machine.

All operated with a foot pedal, this avoids the use of the hands and any potential cross-contamination.

Users simply have to apply light pressure to the foot pedal to dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitiser. Made from steel, each of these machines has been manufactured to withstand even the most demanding of commercial spaces.

Very portable and with a wide sturdy base, the machines can be placed where you have the heaviest footfall, moving them if work or visitor patterns change. 

Whilst you need to have a hand sanitiser machine on the premises, it doesn’t mean that you need to tolerate something that doesn’t look appealing.

These machines also look great with clean, uncluttered contemporary designs, looking superb in any type of commercial environment.

The best touch-free hand sanitiser machines

This collection includes freestanding machines, which can be moved around to accommodate users.

This is a new style of dispenser station, model SEISO X. With a 5-litre capacity, it has a superbly compact design so is ideal for smaller spaces. This has to be one of our best sellers.

Refilling the machine is very easy with the provided 5-litre container holding in the region of 1,250-2,500 doses.

Perfect for environments where you have high traffic such as offices, retail stores, gyms or manufacturing outlets.

If you have a large employee or customer base, this is the machine for you.

With a smaller 1-litre capacity, this machine produces in the region of 250-500 doses of hand sanitiser. Because of this, it is better suited to spaces that are not as busy, such as cafes or smaller stores.  Made of steel, it involves minimum assembly and refills are easy to replace. For extra stability, it can be fixed to the floor.

We have chosen this unit because it is ideal for schools or nurseries. With a 1 litre capacity, it produces around 250-500 doses. Freestanding, assembly is minimal and the containers are easily replaced. For additional safety, it can be floor mounted.

This is another top seller as it provides a 5-litre capacity – in the region of 1,250-2,500 doses of sanitiser. Perfect for large offices, stores, manufacturing units or public spaces. Made of steel, it is free-standing. The containers of disinfectant are easy to replace.


Which machine you choose will depend upon the amount of space you have and type of commercial operation. 

The smaller units are ideal for use in offices, restaurants or hotels or staff rooms.

Go with the larger capacity machines where you have a large pool of employees or an industrial operation.  All stand-alone, the larger models need less refilling.

Whilst wall-mounted hand sanitiser machines are also incredibly popular, we focused on the portable ones as you can make them easily accessible, moving as required.

To get people to sanitise their hands, it is essential to place the machines in communal areas or high traffic locations.

Contact us

Each of the quality hand sanitisers shown has been manufactured in the EU in line with stringent quality standards. 

All come in a wide range of sizes and with different sanitiser tank capacities.

The largest 5-litre model will easily accommodate 2500 people. This makes it a top-ranking sanitiser machine. All of the machines shown are free standing which means they can be placed exactly where you need them to be.

If you would like to find out more about the range of Touch Free Sanitisers, then get in touch with us today or call us on 0330 133 2624

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