7 uses of touch-free hand sanitisers

The use of commercial hand sanitisers in heavily populated areas is now essential given the Covid-19 pandemic.

It makes sense that both employees and visitors need to keep their hands scrupulously clean if the Coronavirus is not to infect many.

Help prevent the spread of Covid-19

Think about what goes on in your commercial space; people touching cashpoints, worktops, desks, door handles and chairs along with shared use of dining and toilet facilities and you have the potential for high risk.

The only way to deal with is to put in place commercial hand sanitisers, enabling everyone to keep their hands clean without having to touch the dispenser.

Washing hands with soap and water is not always convenient or possible. This is when the use of touch-free hand sanitisers becomes vital.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that hand sanitisers help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

By using high-quality machines and placing them in suitable locations throughout your commercial premises, both employees and visitors can improve their hand hygiene.

You are then well on the way to creating a healthy and safe environment for all.

Users of hand sanitisers have to be reminded to clean their hands.

The best way of doing this is to place your touch-free hand sanitiser in a place where it is easily seen and convenient to use.

Always locate in high-traffic communal areas and close to high-touch surfaces.

Suggested uses of touch-free hand sanitiser machines

Here are seven locations and uses of touch-free hand sanitisers:

  • Washroom facilities – it is an unfortunate fact that many washroom users do not clean their hands correctly, simply rinsing with water. Some don’t wash their hands at all. To overcome this huge problem, place a touch-free hand sanitiser machine close to the sinks. This way, when people are in a rush, they can take a quick squirt of hand sanitiser instead of stopping to use soap and water. This will prevent germs and viruses leaving the washroom.
  • Football stadium door entrances and exits – just one doorknob can become the cause of a rapid spread of infection. Research has shown that a virus located on a doorknob will be picked up by as many as 60% of workers and visitors within a 2-4 hour period. This could mean your facility being hit with a massive Coronavirus infection. To prevent this, doorknobs should be disinfected and a touch-free hand sanitiser machine placed at all entrances and exits. Check out our range of football stadium hand sanitiser machines here.
  • Cafes, restaurants and canteens – kitchens and canteens are much loved by germs and viruses. If food is eaten with dirty hands, that person can quickly become infected as they digest the germ or virus. Placing a touch-free hand sanitiser machine in these areas can help fight the elimination of germs. Check out our range of restaurant touch-free hand sanitisers here.
  • Gyms – used by both employees and visitors, germs are easily shared in these high-traffic areas. It is essential to provide gym users with access to a touch-free hand sanitiser machine. Place in the room, close to the gym equipment. Hands can then be cleansed effectively both before and after exercise. Check out our range of hand sanitiser machines for gyms here.
  • Offices – offices with desks, phones and computers are key virus transfer points. People are touching these items frequently. An employee can spend many hours at their desk; they may eat, drink and even cough or sneeze. This results in an office ridden with germs and viruses. The best way of preventing this is to place a touch-free hand sanitiser machine at each end of the office. Large offices may require several. Check out our range of office hand sanitisers here.
  • Tills and counters in shops – most people are no longer paying with cash, given that money can carry a huge amount of viruses and germs. However, cashless payments still have to be dealt with. Touch-free hand sanitiser machines should be placed close to the payment areas. This may be in a retail store, cafe, petrol station, or bar. Check out our range of hand sanitiser machine for shops here.
  • Industrial units – industrial workers need to be encouraged and reminded to keep their hands clean. The appropriate placing of touch-free hand sanitiser machines will help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in what could be a high-risk environment. Check out our range of industrial use hand sanitiser machines here.
  • Prevent potentially lethal outbreaks of the Coronavirus

    The use of touch-free hand sanitiser machines works best when workers, visitors and customers use them regularly. When machines are first installed, you may find it necessary to use posters, signs, leaflets and internal communications to get people used to the idea of sanitising their hands.

    By providing them with appropriate facts as to how touch-free hand sanitiser machines can help to keep hands clean, using the machines will soon become second nature. Each machine will dispense exactly the right amount of hand sanitiser to ensure total cleanliness.

    You may wish to remind users that they need to spread it over the surface of both hands and in-between fingers.

    The use of touch-free hand sanitiser machines reduces the spread of germs and the Coronavirus.

    This can help prevent workers, customers and visitors from becoming infected with the Covid-19 virus. If the commercial environment is not kept clean and people’s hands virus-free, then you may find yourself faced with a Coronavirus outbreak.

    Not only can this close down the workplace but also people can be put at risk of severe illness and even death.

    By providing high-quality touch-free hand sanitiser machines throughout the area (both indoors and out), then you are doing all possible to protect the people around you. As an employer or service provider, you must be seen to be taking every due care, providing a safe environment for those around you.

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