Touch free hygiene,


Touch free, free standing, robust, all-steel. Hand sanitising stations that can be used anywhere.

hands free sanitizer dispenser

Touch free hygiene, anywhere

Touch free, free standing, robust, all-steel. Hand sanitising stations that can be placed anywhere.

hands free sanitizer dispenser


Free Standing and Touch Free hand sanitising dispensing systems to help you protect your working environment against pathogens.

Dispenser Stations

Alcohol Disinfectants

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Touch Free Sanitisers come in a variety of sizes and alcohol gel capacities. Our flagship model the Swan has a 5 litre capacity, good for 2,500 people, making it a market leading sanitiser station. All our products operate in a hygienic touch free manner, which eliminates cross contamination, and are free standing allowing them to be placed anywhere.

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Touch Free

Foot pedal operation eliminates cross contamination. A light pressure on the foot pedal dispenses the optimal amount of hand disinfectant.

Free standing

With a wide base they can be placed anywhere including focal and central locations, and offer more flexibility than a wall mounted unit making them the perfect portable solution.


All-steel and solidly built. Touch Free Sanitisers are manufactured to withstand use in busy commercial environments.


Can be placed indoors or outdoors and in any setting with a high flow of people: Shops, Office receptions, Restaurants, Hospitals, Museums, Factory floors, Cinemas, Gyms.

Contemporary Design

Clean lines and uncluttered design. Easily blends in any working environment.


Easy to use and minimal assembly

Mechanical operation

Reliable and trouble free operation with no electrics/electronics to fail


Available with re-fills of quick drying and skin friendly Alcohol Disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses

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Made in Europe

All our products are manufactured in the EU to high quality standards and are fully recyclable